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Peinlich Tiffany Bronze Bookends

USA, c.1910s. Very Rare Egyptian Hand Maidens Solid Bronze Bookends created during the Egyptian Revival Movement. Sculpted by M. Peinlich Sc. for the Griffoul Foundry of Newark N.J. This example is from the first casting, and very scarce, and more detailed than any of the other copies of this design,and the only ones in Solid Bronze.

M. Peinlich later created another version of this design in much lesser quality and not in solid bronze for the THEODORE B. STARR & Co. Then later created many other designs for Tiffany & Co. and the US Market.

These are in Very Good Vintage Condition, Signed by Artist on front rim, "M.Peinlich Sc." and Stamped on back "Cast by Griffoul Newark NJ" and "Real Solid Bronze."

Width: 4 x Depth: 5 x Height: 7 in.

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