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Vintage Pendant Lights

All Vintage Pendant Lights. All Working, and Rewired with 4-5 ft. Black Braided Clothe Cord/Wire.

$235 Antiqued Barbershop Clear/Tinted Glass Globe. Dia: 6 x H: 9 in. 12 Avail.
$285 Vintage Faceted and Acid Etched Glass Pendant Dia: 6 x H: 9 in., 2 Avail.
$285 Translucent Barbershop Glass Globe. Dia: 6 x H: 9 in., 1 Avail.
SOLD Eichler Globe, Similar Available
$415 Vintage Mercantile Counter Pendant, c.1904. Bell Dia: 8 x H: 4 in.
$965 Vintage Industrial Milk Glass Pendant, c.1910. Bell Dia: 17 x H: 5 in
SOLDIndustrial Vintage Black Chimney Bell Pendant Bell Dia: 10 x H: 14 in.
$1800 Industrial Glass Lensed Factory Light, c.1930. Dia: 19 x H: 20 in.

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